{ I'm bored to death }

1 2 3 4 - I was such a makeup junkie not too long ago, then i realize i only got one face and can't just slather all of these makeup on it T_T After a long time of wearing just concealer and mascara, my makeup skills are leaving me, so I thought i should refresh my memories and practice again. It was indeed really fun doing this look, def a camwhore op =] I used my colorful 88 palette that i got about 2 years ago and maybe only used it twice. SAD >.<
5 - I need imputs on how to organize my vanity table because i can't seem to keep it clean for more than 3 days
6 - Camwow, my new favorite photo app <3 it makes you look Korean/Japanese haha silly
7 - Flea market with the mother. Not very successful since the prices they mark are RIDICK ($50 for a small little milk glass jar)
8 - Chinese New Year, House of Harlow and Urban Outfitters dress
9 - My sunday spot, on the couch watching the Kardashians marathon =]
10 - New members of the fam - Zara shiny gold knit + Bally loafers
11 - Bathroom shot - Pink and lace
12 - Currently on thee nails - "Get me in the taj on time"
13 - Food for thought
14 - Grettta ready, baby

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