Aluminum Foil

I've recently tried out the Cover Girl Mattalic Nail Polish and i got to say it is amazinggggggg. Usually Covergirl products don't really intrigue me but i was looking for a silver nail polish and decided to try this particular one out. And now I'm hooked !!!

   The color is called "Triple Platinum" and it is pretty damn well self-explanatory.

 This is with 2 coats, the pigmentation is gorgeous, it's like effing liquid metal. You can easily get away with 1 coat but if you want that intense chrome-out nails, 2 coats are all you need. I've gotten so many compliments while wearing this polish its amazing.

Try it out!!! And happy foiled nails =]



chrome nails + armor rings + cig = BADASS


watches layered, been meaning to try that

wish all rings would change colors

 <3 these, why havent I got them yet ???

bijoux orgasm

hooker shoes

grey area

pointey please!!!

Only one week left and Summer 1 is doneeee, son. Can't believe how fast time is passing by. There are so many things i wanna do with my life but feel like im too many damn steps behind. Gotta pick it uppp !!! Peace out.


Peachy Summer


Give me color !!!

I'm obsessing over these color pants, but still being a lil chicken so i haven't gotten any. They're so fun and a great way to add colors to my wardrobe. Need them ASAP. Also in the search for a pair of white denim. Chic and Classy !!!

Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels


 Pumps + lipstick heels = MUST HAVE .Lusting over these $548 eye-candies!!! Well, a girl can dream.... I'm workin them =]

See by Chloe Fall 2011

fall and winter fashion is my thing, even though i love summer, the pool, beach, and tanning sound awesome. But not gonna lie, I can't wait til it gets chilly again, I absolutely despise the blazing hot weather atm!


This collection got every elements I love. Platforms, whites, nude, sheer, neon pink, cobalt blue, trench. Amazing <3


found a coupon. signed up. got it in round 5 days.... errrr, not too bad. looks great with off-the-shoulder tops
Here's what yee got. Silver chain & gold heart