A little something so innocently romantic

Just a little fun and spontaneous shoot, it's been awhile but since i ran out of pictures to post, might as well post these up to give my friend Hai Nguyen kudos for these adorable pictures. We were bored as hell on the weekend and decided to go shoot to kill time. This might look hella corny with the "so-called Korean couple shirts" LMAO, but who cares right? 

I couldn't gasp how beautiful the weather was, Mid-september is my favorite time of the year, falling leaves and the breezy wind, bring peace and a touch of warmth to my life. Talking about fall reminds me of this candle i've been obsessed with. It is surprisingly the Walmart's candle in "Birchwood", I have never used Walmart candles before but smelt this scent when browsing around and fell in loveeee. The scent is amazing and it burns down very nicely. It smells really earthy, fresh and relaxing, not in a artificial way but very natural. To top it off, it is wonderfully priced at $4.97 compared to the BBW's candles which retails for around $19, and i feel like they have pretty much the same quality.  Been burning it everyday and it gives me this feeling that i'm in a Twilight movie or something lolz, crazy i know.

photo credit: NP Photography

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