The Pouch

Everywhere you look Celine pouches are somewhere to be found, lusted or dreamed of. 
i've been wanting these leather pouches from American Apparel ever since I see them popping up everywhere. I want it in every color possible but the neon yellow is just amazing
still contemplating whether i actually need it or not.
the pastel spring colors are to die for as well.

DIY vers.
After seeing so many DIY posts on these pouches, I'm really intrigue by it and thinking whether i should attempt to make myself one, considering I can't sew and never have LOLZ.
But i guess i'll just give it a shot, since these are around $60 a pop, 
DIY would be a better option right now.

Check out this post from JustBBlog and video from Anneorshine, one of my fav youtuber

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